Before contacting me, please check my commission status.

By placing an order you agree that you have read and understand my Terms & Conditions. Non-negotiable and subject to change.

  1. My art is not to be used commercially without my consent. I do not waiver any rights to commissioned work.
  2. I do not work with time restrictions or other constraints, this includes project release dates or birthdays, holidays, events, etc. I do not work in set hours nor do I have the most reliable schedule available to me.
  3. I require payment up front and all sales are considered final once payment is transferred. However if there is an issue with completion/delivery, I will provide refunds as necessary.
  4. I allow modification and remixes of my work by the commissioner, you are free to use it, alter it, and share it as you wish as long as this is done for personal use and you provide proper credit.
  5. Mature themes are available for customers aged 18+ only. I do not work with paraphilia, violence, gore, ideologically sensitive material or morally questionable themes under any circumstances.
  6. Refer to this statement for custom designs & character resell.

I am currently not open for paintings, full-sized works intended for print, or project development positions. Too time consuming for my schedule! Please order something else instead.

Price Estimates

Price estimates are set at a minimum and can go up depending on additional characters, details, and other elements that may affect overall composition. Pricing is not flexible or negotiable, however if you have something smaller or less complex in mind than the examples below, you're welcome to ask me, quotes are always available.

Full colour: $80+, +$40 per additional character

A custom fully-rendered digital work in complete colour to bring your character or concept to life.

Flat colour: $60+, +$30 per additional character

A full sized drawing with a clear colour palette, which can be useful for character references or webpages. Cel-shading can be added for $10 more.

Linearts: $40+, +$20 per additional character

Good for those who like to tinker with ideas. Feel free to colour it yourself, or just appreciate all that hard work.

Portrait: $25+ each OR $40+ for matching pair

A snapshot to capture the mood of the character of your choosing. These work great as display pictures for website profiles or social media.

Sketches: Starting at $15+ OR $25+ with colour

Loose drawings of a character, gestures, concepts, etc. May cost extra depending on the level of finish desired.

Chat poses: $30 feral OR $35 anthro.

Lower resolution character artwork with lots of corner-cutting. Poses are originally intended to be used in online graphic chat settings, although they're versatile. If you are looking for custom bodyshop sets, please refer to this page instead.

Reference sheets: $80 feral OR $120+ human/anthro

Character reference sheets are used to display a character design so other artists can work with them. This can be for character artwork or turnarounds for crafts, 3D modeling, etc.
The base price will get you a basic front and back view of your character with a single headshot and the completed .PSD for edits. Multiple angles, close-ups, extra details, complex designs, outfits, accessories, or other alterations may cost additional. Custom designs do not nesessarily cost extra, unless you are asking a lot of work for me. Please be prepared to discuss beforehand if this is the case.

How to Order

You can reach out to me on any platform of your choosing, if you do not use social media, e-mail is perfectly fine. Please include a description, any references of what you're looking for, and any necessary specifications from the get-go so that I can let you know if I'm able to work with your idea right away. If you have something else in mind that is not listed here, contact me and we can discuss it.


If you are a project manager looking for a freelance artist (non-contractual work) it can be discussed, however unwanted career positions will be disregarded.