yes i had to dedicate a page to pokemon. i can safely say this franchise shaped my life, i love everything about pokemon! it began when i started watching the anime and collecting cards, that was back in 1999 when i was just 5 years old. my first card was butterfree from the first edition jungle packs. sadly a majority of my old beloved cards were lost in the mail, but im eventually looking forward to replacing them as i continue to collect.

silver version was the first pokemon game i ever played back in 2001, me and my brother used to fight over the cartridge because we both wanted different starters. i started playing more seriously when me and my brother got ruby and sapphire a few years later. it became a really fun way for me to connect with people and my favourite thing about it was definitely trading and sharing our secret base locations.

my favourite thing about the series is the beautiful card art that brings the species to life, and exploring the regions while bringing along my favourite 'mons. i am really not a competitive player although i enjoy some of it the online TCG nowadays. theres nothing better than a fun fight where i can go crazy and try a bunch of different things that i otherwise wouldn't think to try- to me that is where the TCG really shines.

i do not keep up with the anime anymore (im not really a television & movies person) but now that im an adult i can choose to waste my money on merch! and i do! sometimes. responsibly!! between me and my girlfriend we have a small collection of plushies & figurines (lots of absols and fennekin line on my part) and some collectible pins, coins, keychains, etc. my most recent addition is the limited edition eevee tamagotchi, but im sorry to say her battery died!

that about sums it up and should give you more than enough information. i hope you have fun looking around this page and if you ever want to play with me, shoot me an email (found on my homepage) and i'd be happy to add you. also, click here to view my favourite pokemon!

currently playing

shield team

yay we got it for christmas! i've barely gotten the chance to play with all my siblings quarreling over the switch but its already so fun! at the time of writing this ive just arrived in turffield and im still sussing out the perfect team.

moon team

i just reset my moon file so that i could play again with popplio, because i have played with both other starters before. i will probably never touch this generation again once we get sword/shield so this is like a goodbye kiss for me!

crystal team

i put off completing this game a lot, i got very caught up in breeding female eevees and completing the eeveelutions for some reason, now i am grinding for a female sneasel... to be continued? (also i wish i could get a vulpix, darn!)

alpha sapphire team

elite 4 officially pwnt! good job team~ now lets go fill out that pokedex! i play alpha sapphire most often and i love revisiting hoenn, so i will leave my team up as they appear in the hall of fame. and yes i hacked the cartridge to make my flygon gender neutral, everything else is legit haha.

games played

core series

side games

trading card game

current collection


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