Female / Indian wolf / Young adult

Being lanky and rather diminutive in stature, Naz has to work twice as hard to keep up with the pack wolves. Despite her underwhelming and often disheveled appearance, she is quick-witted along with having a good sense of timing- traits which no doubt come along with living largely off of small prey.

She is generally mistrusting of others and considered standoffish by many, but is capable of making pleasant company if you catch her in a good moment. She keeps her goals and past to herself and can sometimes be heard whispering as if holding a conversation with someone who isn't there.

Roleplay Info



Age: 6 winters
Rank: Rogue
Height: 24" at the shoulder.
Weight: 42 lbs
Body type: Lightweight
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
"Sylvan Vale"
More information coming soon.