Urban Cats

Feral cats from a dream, they inhabit modern suburban cities. Parks, apartment complexes, gas stations, and even home & garden supply stores are their familiar landmarks. They are very dependent on the humans and their resources for survival, even astute enough to follow them through automatic doors and navigate the subways and bus routes.

Tortie is the unofficial leader but her secretiveness and frankly delusional tendencies mean she separates herself from the pack too often to be a dependable one. Despite this, she is very level-headed and thinks things through before acting on impulses, making her a safe choice for the group.

Ginger opposes tortie often and gets even more emotional when she doesn’t engage him. He wants to take her place as leader, but his hotheadedness doesn’t earn him much favour from the group. He cares deeply about the success of his group, but sometimes indulges risk over safety.

Angora is a previous pet who was separated from her family in a house fire and believes they’re still out there looking for her. She is able to provide emotional support to the others because of this strong belief and the idea of all her friends living comfortably with the protection of her old family motivates her.

Tuxedo was also previously owned by humans, but he has seen the worst side of them. He was deliberately thrown out on the street by his family and incapable of fending for himself. He isolates himself frequently and in general has an apathetic perspective.

Elder tabby was the previous leader, torties father, and tries to be a good teacher but his health is beginning to deteriorate. He fears the others won’t be able to make it on their own once he passes away and therefore imposes on them heavily.