Share the Love!

Just a few of the lovely people I've met along the way, they each have their own projects or skills they're working on so go check them out and support them if you can. If you're a creator and you're listed here and would like something updated, or if you are a lesser known creator that is connected with me and would like to be added to this page, get in touch!

Alraune - 3D art & game dev
Clay - Dreamyverse & web projects
meltii - Just a little webbed site tbh
kobweb - Arkera, Nature/paleo & fantasy illustration
doveless - Aerlings, Nature & fantasy illustration
Eyeshadow 2600FM - Synthwave musician
TheWaether - KateLabs & various game dev projects
Jojjua - Photography & video games
Merewife - Music, photography, and more